When we heard there was a new game in town at Dark Ride, we simply had to go visit Queenstown’s champions of indoor thrills to try it out...

The Dark Ride is for the action heroes. The brave. The trigger happy. With a whopping floor-to-ceiling screen, moving seats and the world’s fastest targeted lasers, you can compete against friends and family to be the ultimate hero in a number of world-threatening scenarios.

We head to Dark Ride to try out their newest game, ‘Werewolves’, which was launched earlier this month. Popping on the 3D goggles and flexing my finger around the trigger, I’m ready to slay both the evil werewolves and my opponent with some awesome scores. 

“Just remember,” Helen says, “Kill the werewolves, shoot the gold coins and do not aim for any humans!” 

She leaves, and suddenly the game starts. My chair moves in time with the graphics, wind blows from a hidden machine, the lighting effects are insane… I’m in a city - early 1900s maybe? Victorian-dressed ladies are running screaming from a subway, gas pours up the steps - and there! A rabid group of monstrous werewolves heading straight for me!

The game is fantastic - totally immersive and realistic. The lights flick on, and I emerge, eager to see how much I killed my opponent’s score. Unfortunately for me, he got double.

“You even beat my score!” Helen laughs, looking at the leader board.

Dark Ride’s newest game is just one of several awesome virtual realities this place has to offer, as well as their Dark Ride Theatre, where you watch a thrill-seeking 3D film in a moving seat with special effects. One of the best indoor activities in Queenstown, it’s a great place to drum up some competition between friends and family.