New Zealand’s history is a fascinating and unique one; and no one brings it to life quite like Ian Wishart.

An award-winning journalist, Ian has enjoyed a 30 year career in radio, TV and magazines, as well as five bestselling books to his name. Now he has turned his years of publishing experience towards history, and dives deeper into the past of one of the world’s newest countries.

Our Stories is an easy-to-read overview of some of the most unbelievable events of this country’s past, where you can learn about natural disasters, dinosaur discoveries, true heroes and brave suffragettes. Ian also includes first-hand accounts of the Maori/Pakeha friction and culture clashes, and sheds fresh perspective on how the Ngai Tahu tribe negotiated the land of the South Island with the New Zealand government.

Whilst historical books can sometimes be rather factual and dry, Ian completely sidesteps this by curating news clippings, witnesses’ stories and pieces of history to create a rich tapestry of New Zealand life. 

The geological disasters is a particularly shocking chapter - who knew Christchurch had been toppled time and again by earthquakes centuries ago? Or how Wellington was underwater not so long ago? Or how tsunamis obliterated the homes of early European settlers and changed this landscape forever? 

Our Stories is a great read for anyone wanting to learn some quirky facts and shocking stories about New Zealand’s past. Offering a refreshing and honest account of history, Ian Wishart lends a light hand in guiding you through this remarkable country’s journey.