1. Choose the perfect ceremony location

Choose a ceremony spot that reflects you as a couple. If you’re a movie buff hit up the cinema or if you love skiing you can get married on the way up the chair lift and then enjoy your first run back down the mountain as a married couple!

2. Set a theme for your wedding day

how to personalise your queenstown wedding ceremony queenstown blog 2Giant Connect 4 at this garden party themed wedding in Queenstown (Photo by Shotover Wedding Films)

Theming your wedding day is a great way to inject a bit of personality and something special into your wedding day. Get everyone involved in your theme- guests, caterers, entertainment and of course your celebrant! You could have a circus wedding under a big top with performers, a festival wedding with lots of live music or a garden party wedding with lawn games.

3. Include family and friends

how to personalise your queenstown wedding ceremony queenstown blog 3Marley the border collie as ring bearer at this Queenstown wedding (Photo by Shotover Wedding Films)

Family and friends love being involved in your wedding, so you might as well give them something to do. And let’s approach this a little differently, can you imagine your grandma as the flower girl? You can use cardboard cut outs of friends who couldn’t make it for the big day or include something in that reminds you of a relative who has passed away, like wearing their old cufflinks or necklace. And don’t forget your furry family members, dogs can make the cutest ring bearers!

4. Use props in your ceremony

how to personalise your queenstown wedding ceremony queenstown blog 5A champagne toast to close this Queenstown wedding. (Photo by Shotover Media)

Wedding ceremonies with props are more interesting and memorable for you and your guests. You could mix sands to symbolise the union of you as a couple and your families. Or you could plant a tree to mark the beginning of the next chapter of your lives together.
There are so many options here!

5. Write your own wedding promises

how to personalise your queenstown wedding ceremony queenstown blog 4Personal wedding promises were shared at this Glenorchy elopement ceremony. ( Photo by Lara Kirk - Left - photo by Warren Williams at Mountain Weddings - Right)

These are traditionally known as “vows”, but “promises” sounds much more 2016. Try to forget what you’ve seen in the movies or at your sister’s wedding. When you’re thinking about what you want to say to your partner during your wedding ceremony, focus on how you feel about them, how they make you feel, and what marriage really means to you.

To learn more about these five tips or learn other ways to personalise your Queenstown wedding ceremony make sure you get in touch with me today – Charlotte Winkel at Your Big Day.