The people behind Fluid and the Front Room Gallery on Memorial Street are once again opening their arms to the community. They’ve always been front and centre when promoting Queenstown’s artistic underbelly, with exhibitions, talks, and general meeting spaces for anyone and everyone who wanted it. Bands have practised there, groups with massive knitting needles have knitted there many people have shared their experiences, knowledge and passions in the regular UpFront speaker sessions.

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ShareSpace is the next step in the collaboration culture that the Front Room has fostered over the years. They are now offering the opportunity to rent desk space in their light and airy CBD office space with a range of options available from ‘fleeting’ daily rates starting from $35 per day to economical ‘part of the furniture’ long-term contracts. Being in the CBD means that your clients can find you easily and meeting spaces are available to you right where you are. You can even meet in the greenhouse meeting room, because who doesn’t want to have a business meeting in a greenhouse?

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So they’ve got a greenhouse, what else is on the table? This is set up as a relaxed way of working. ShareSpace is a comfortable space where if you want a stand-up desk, you can get a stand-up desk, if you want to chill out for fifteen minutes on the couch with a cuppa, you can do that too. You have the option of spreading out on large meeting tables when you need to and included in all packages is high-speed wifi, printing, scanning and copying services, free coffee and more herbal teas than you can shake a cinnamon stick at. And music, there’s always music.

ShareSpace opened its doors on February 1 st and the community is growing. If you’re interested in checking out what the deal is head over to, contact the team at or pop in to see the space in action at 10 Memorial Street opposite the rugby ground. 

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Words by Alice C