Some people have a coffee first thing in the morning to wake up, however I discovered an even better alternative! 

Imagine speeding along Lake Wakatipu, doing 360 degree spins alongside the Remarkables and coming within a hairs distance to steep gorges while listening to music and you have the thrilling experience of the Thunder Jet!

An hour goes by almost as fast as the jet boat itself as the driver not only gives you a thrill but also does lots of stops for photos and to give you a bit of history of the area.

Although I've been in Queenstown for years the amazing scenery continues to blow my mind and seeing the views from a jet boat is a completely different experience. Sitting in the middle of the lake with the turquoise water sparkling all around you while you have to tilt your head back to see the top of the mighty Remarkables mountains is an unforgettable experience.

sarah heffron jet boat queenstown blog 1

The staff at Thunder Jet were so lovely, a huge thank you to them for making my day! An absolute must do while in Queenstown New Zealand! Go and see them and tell I said hi!

Wish You Were Here,

Irish Kiwi Postcards :)

sarah heffron jet boat queenstown blog 2