Welcome back to part 3 of 3 where we have been exploring some key spots to capture the stunning colours of Arrowtown in Autumn. Over the 3 parts I am sharing my favourite spots but there are plenty more so make sure you do a little exploring and find some of your own as well. The colours are so special that this season is celebrated each year with the Arrowtown Autumn Festival. Just 20-25 minutes drive from Queenstown makes it an easy festival to get to and a festival that brings thousands to enjoy the scenic background and the lovely community event.

arrowtown autumn queenstown blog 3 2Taken from near the start of the Arrow River track

It wouldn't be a visit to Arrowtown without a stroll along the Millennium Track. Start right from the centre of town and follow the track through the trees along the side of the river. It’s a popular track for locals and visitors as it is so accessible and a nice easy track for everyone to enjoy. After about 10-15 minutes strolling (depending on how many photo stops you take) you reach the first green bridge. If you cross the bridge you can head up Tobins Track which is a couple of kilometres of up till you reach a lookout where you can see for miles over the valley. The easy option is to continue on the track to the next green bridge where you can head back to town. This makes it a nice 4.2km loop. The trail was built by the Otago Regional Council in 1998 to commemorate 150 years of European Settlement in Otago.

arrowtown autumn queenstown blog 3 3The tall poplars along the Millennium Track, taken from the reserve area at the far end of the track

Near the second green bridge you can head off the track onto the reserve area so you can stand back and take in the gorgeous tall poplars that sooooo stand out at this time of year!

arrowtown autumn queenstown blog 3 4“Tracy's tree” on the corner of Bedford and Ford Streets

On the way back on the Millennium Track take a detour to the road when you reach the Tobins Track bridge and head straight up Ford St to Bedford Street. On the corner of these two streets you will find this red tree. A friend of mine used to own this home so I always call it “Tracey’s tree”. The light hits the radiant red leaves and it just glows.

Finally, we will venture a little further out of Arrowtown to Lake Hayes which is 5 minutes drive from Arrowtown, or 20 minutes drive from Queenstown.  You could spend a whole day just photographing Lake Hayes as there is an 8km track right around the lake and so many of the views are just stunning at this time of the year. 

arrowtown autumn queenstown blog 3 5A kayaker enjoys the still autumn lake, taken from near the Lake Hayes Pavilion.

Believe it or not but people were swimming on the day I took these photos!

arrowtown autumn queenstown blog 3 6Lake Hayes is very generous with her reflections, taken from the side of the track near the Rowing Club.

I hope you enjoy capturing Arrowtown in autumn from some or all of these spots that I have shared, every year it is inspiring and beautiful and a joy to photograph.