Photo comp winne​r June 2016 - William Marcelino

I started photographing about 2 years ago. Before I started I wasn’t very interested in photography, I had the thought that a smartphone camera was good enough.

I started getting more interested when I moved to Queenstown and experienced so many beautiful views which I wanted to capture and share with my family and friends.

A friend of mine recommend me to purchase an entry level DSLR Canon 600D. I started using the camera and I found out it was more complicated than I thought, so I started reading books and blogs related to photography. 

I learned a lot from the time I began, but I see photography is such a vast subject and I still have so much more to learn, that’s what really inspires me to keep on learning. 

Photography has became one of my biggest passions, the way we can communicate with people throughout a photograph - that amazes me! 

Photography for me is a door to share my feelings, touch people’s soul sometimes and as a photographer I can say I’m grateful for having the opportunity to get into the photography world.