Greening Queenstown everyday. Here at Shotover Garden Centre we love everything to do with plants. We like to spread the green word of gardening and how it can improve your health, well being and happiness. What ever space you have you can have a little green in your life and we at Shotover Garden Centre will tell you how. At Shotover Garden Centre we’re growing with you.

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Exciting food you can't get in the supermarket

There’s no debate that supermarkets make a busy life easier, but one downside to supermarkets are that they have a strict list of stocked foods based on consumer demand, shelf life and other factors.

Native Flora for December

Decembers featured natives are not found around the lakes district but are highly notable trees for Christmas time...

Native Flora for October

Native clematis, known to the early Maori as Puawananga, ‘Stars of the forest’, would signal the beginning of...

Native Flora for August

Adding Libertia to your garden will add interest to your garden for several seasons and...

Native Flora for July

When you recall the landscapes of Queenstown and Central Otago lush forestland is not what comes to mind...

Native Flora for June

Pseudowintera colorata, also known as the pepper tree or Mountain Horopito, is an unusual evergreen shrub endemic to New Zealand...

Native Flora for May

With the best of autumn behind and winter's frosty promise ahead, it's easy to assume that there's nothing left in the garden to entertain. However...

Native Flora for April

Native plants tend to take a back seat to the display of colourful invaders, though some native grasses have their own show of colour to rival the showiest of autumn leaves...

Native Flora for March

Look out now for Corokia saturated with shiny red or yellow berries that will be luring native birds for a feast...

Native Flora for February

In summer, Hoheria become covered in small delicate white flowers that are hungrily sort after by bees, tuis and bellbirds...

Native Flora for January

The South Island toetoe is a common evergreen grass seen throughout the South Island and Stewart Island...


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