Lord Of The Rings Tours in Queenstown

Every Lord of the Rings fan who’s ever dreamed of trekking through Paradise on a horse will find tours through the various Lord of the Rings filming locations irresistible. Four wheel drive tours led by guides who know a thing or two about Middle-earth and treks on horseback through Paradise, Lothlórien, Amon Hen and the Golden Mile are an absolute must for any diehard fan.

4WD & Dart River Jet Combo

Experience the Green & Gold, the combo that captures the diversity of the wilderness surrounding Queenstown with jet boating & a 4WD tour.

Jet boat - Dart River Wilderness Jet

The world famous Dart River Safari Jet Boat. Discover ice-capped mountains and glaciers, cascading waterfalls and crystal clear streams and pools.

Glenorchy & Paradise Half Day Explorer

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Glenorchy on a half day tour from Queenstown.

Four Wheel Drive - Nomad Safari of the Scenes

Safari of the Scenes offer two half-day sight-seeing tours, exploring Queenstown's scenic highlights and locations used for Lord of the Rings filming.

Horse Riding - Dart Stables

Experience the fun of horseriding through "The Lord of the Rings" country. Located in stunning Glenorchy, 45 mins from Queenstown. Operates all year.

Four Wheel Drive - Nomad Safaris

Ride in safari-equipped 4WD vehicles in areas inaccessible by normal means, no crowds, a true off-road adventure. The Lord of the Rings specialists.

Four Wheel Drive & Lord of the Rings - Off Road

Take the back roads & discover a world you never knew existed with a 4x4 guided tour of Queenstown. Enjoy stunning views & learn the local history.

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